Diversity & Inclusion : Towards Building a Diverse, Equitable and Global University

The report on “Diversity & Inclusion: Towards Building a Diverse, Equitable and Global University” is the first to be produced in JGU’s nine-year history that documents our efforts to increase diversity and inclusion on the university campus. The report identifies and highlights the various ways through which JGU has strived to promote, encourage and institutionalise diversity and inclusion over the past nine years. It also indicates how our efforts are aligned with the principles, objectives and priorities of JGU’s Strategic Vision 2029.

The report highlights key outcomes and gaps for improving our performance on diversity and inclusion through sixteen categories of indicators. The indicators are: national origin, state origin, gender parity, age, religion & caste, educational & professional background, disability, academic offerings & interdisciplinarity, pedagogy, research & disciplinary diversity, international collaborations & partnerships, governance & leadership, student financial inclusion, inclusive teaching & learning, gender identity & sexual orientation, and community outreach & engagement.