Strategic Vision 2029

Strategic Vision 2029 lays out a broad vision for JGU’s next decade based on our founding vision, values and commitments. The document outlines ten guiding principles that have characterised our institution building efforts over the past decade and will remain a foundation for our growth over the next decade. These ten principles will form the basis of our five pillars to achieve this vision. The five pillars relate to teaching and learning; research capacities and outcomes; sustainable institutional growth; public service; and collaborations and capacity building efforts, and are framed into objectives and priorities for the next 10 years. The objectives and priorities form the framework for our actions and goals for the coming decade.

The release of Strategic Vision 2029 in August 2018 was preceded by a working draft which was framed based on inputs collected from various consultations and interactions over three years, the many internal and public documents JGU has produced in the past, and in particular, an extensive long-term planning process that was undertaken by all Schools, Institutes and Departments of JGU in 2017.

The Strategic Vision 2029 document is a key public document that will enable us to create a shared vision for our future. It is also aimed at bringing together our many stakeholders, including parents, alumni, potential students and faculty, national and international partners, and a growing community of institutional supporters in India and across the world, to identify with a shared vision for JGU’s future. This document will help the JGU community to more fully realise our shared objectives and goals.